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Useful advice


» How can I plan my move?

We recommend you to start with preparations with two months ahead to the moving. Be prepared. As for the decision to move to a foreign country, to another city or even a local moving, please contact TOTAL BOLIVIAN MOVING S.R.L. and we will do the simplest things for you.

It is very important to start thinking about the changes that you and your family will have in your life. Previously we recommended you to request a visit for a quote, take in account of what are you going to sell, store, throw or give away. Have a clear idea about those elements to get a better estimate of the volume of your move.

Separate all those items you will need the day of moving, such as travel documents, clothes, passports, medical records, family documents, objects of value, jewelry, medicines, school records, etc.

» When you should be contact TOTAL BOLIVIAN MOVING S.R.L.?

Contact us approximately two months before your departure date in the case of an international move. This should give you enough time to confirm the requirements of documentation both origin and destination.

» What items I should not include in an international shipping?

You should not include the following:

  • The hazardous materials such as matches, aerosols, paints, cans of gas or others flammable materials
  • Materials such as wood, brick, cement, rocks and soil of any kind.
  • Weapons , ammunition, explosives, drugs, pornography, live or stuffed animals as well as skins, among others)
  • Plants of any kind.
  • Corrosives and explosives.

We recommended you that for any questions concerning what cannot be included in an international move contact Total Bolivian Moving SRL.

The restrictions may vary depending of the destination country.

» How to get a quote for a move?

The most recommended and the best way to get an accurate quote is to go directly to the location where the service would be done, first to see and record the quantity of items that will be shipped so you can talk and coordinate with you the features of the service, in order to provide you with an exact quote.

» When made a quote, it has any additional cost?

No, the quote is free of charge and without any obligation.

» Can you offer me some kind of insurance?

TOTAL BOLIVIAN MOVINGcan offer all risk insurance to protect your international move, with the best insurance companies international.

» What value is enough and how I have to proceed with the packing list for the insurance?

Consider how much will cost the replacement of your goods and personal effects, you should make a list of the articles that you wish to insure.

» Who will deliver my moving in our destination?

For international removals, Total Bolivian Moving is affiliated to the biggest moving association with agent all over the world which are carefully selected from the best companies in the world.

» Who packs our house hold goods and personal effects?

Your goods and personal effects are packed by our staff, which have the experience and training with a very high level of quality.